Mirko, a love story

Italy, 2017/18

Mirko and Giada meet in chat and write for a long time. When the time comes to meet, Mirko’s FTM transition has just begun. And Giada discovers it in that moment. Now they live together in the province of Rome and love each other very much. Fluidity belongs to everyone. Dedicated to Emiliano

2019  Bari International Gender Film Festival, Italy – Finalist
2019  Kinodromo, Italy – Screening
2019  Festival Internazionale del cinema povero, Italy – Finalist
2019  Social World Film Festival, Italy – Finalist

2018  Premio Nickelodeon, Italy – Selected
2018  Farm film festival, Italy – Finalist
2018  Festival del cinema zero, Italy – Finalist
2018  Cinebus, Italy – Selected
2018  Fotoleggendo 2018, Italy