The solitude (of paradise)

Italy, 2013

The principle of correspondence and analogy “As above, so below; as below, so above […]” From the Seven Cosmic Laws by Hermes Trimegistus

Solitude immerses you into the absolute intimacy with your spirit, it makes you one thing with it. There is no room for clarity and everything becomes purely subjective.

In order to represent this particular state of mind, I have chosen a vision which is not a completely clear one. This is because an external observer will never be able to grasp entirely how another person feels whilst being immersed into his own solitude. Solitude, experienced not only by humans, is a limitless conditions, without space. It is a hypothetical parallel universe in which one lives in the same situation, at that precise point of time, in the “real” world. Normally the Paradise seems to be a magnificent, populated and wealthy place. However, when I think about it, I see something different.

In my opinion, nothing can represent the Paradise better than the solitude experienced on a rock, the parallel world par excellence. Solitude is often related to something negative and sad, but there is nothing negative or sad in this solitude. It is possible for a place to exist which is happier than an unlimited space where thoughts can flow forever?

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Exhibitions 2019  Gala, Rome (Italy) 2013  Studio7, Rieti (Italy)